Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kuantan Roadtrip pt.1

Captain's log: July 2 '10

We're on board the USS Fun-V beginning our road trip to Kuantan around 8am....pretty banged up due to lack of sleep, last minute packing and all the while forgetting my phone charger...awesome..

So breakfast started off at the some rest station along the highway..pretty ok..except paying rm2.40 for dastardly horrid Oligo....How can Power Root sell such crappy shit? By the time we arrived......LUNCH! Place: Restaurant Mei Hiong. Famous for: Shark meat

Now I'm not saying we should eat shark but's good.....

With stomachs stuffed, we headed to the one of the mall's to look around for desserts and shop for snacks for the upcoming world cup matches. Now the memorable scene for the day...Everyone saw the scene in Karate Kid where jackie swats the fly then uses the chopstick to pick it up? Well this lady in Big Apple Donuts seriously puts him to shame...swatting flies like there's no tomorrow...splat,pow, piak, smack. Best part? She smacks them near the donuts....Thank you Fly Lady for killing my donut craving for the next few months. I'll recommend you to Hollywood for your awesome skills :o.

Next up we headed to the beach with said donuts in tow.....Beach was awesome, donuts was ok (no one got sick - yay!) but where was my abang selling my kepak ayam rm1? nuuuuuooo *rant*

After beaching and seeing 2 mountains appear from the mermaid in the sea we headed to Sherwood for dinner. Woooo best pizza I had in a loooonnggg time...not sold? Here u go *model sold separately*

Satay house was up next on the agenda, albeit disappointed that they were out of rabbit satay. World cup match between Brazil and Holland was good...too bad Brazil couldn't take their chances to finish the dutch in the 1st half. Part 2 or mayb 3 will be up when I feel like it..But at this time paul the octopus will be wrong..germany will win...or if spain does i'm fine with it.

Viva espanyol! :p

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Secrets and being the heart break kid....

I suppose everyone has secrets hidden in the basement, closet or chimney, for reasons undisclosed for better or for worse. But what if its the ugly truth? A horrid truth that if were to come out of your mouth would put u in a position of being a heart breaker? Not withstanding the fact that the secret already known to several close people. It just bothers me that not all things can be honestly said, more like being kept just to save face? to keep some people happy? If I had things my own way I would be blunt and honest. But the Malaysian society as usual condemns the whistle blower or some people are just to hard headed to accept the facts while blasting you for revealing it.

Downright hypocrisy by some which regard relationships are based on honesty and integrity if you were to ask me. I suppose some people are fine to build a castle where it is founded on lies, dishonesty and the Malaysian saying of 'tak apa punya'. Given a position where u knew a dark secret of your friends spouse that could cause an emotional tsunami what would you do? Prepare the ship and ride the waves? Or be a fake friend who pretends all is well and dandy.....knowing if and when the times comes the secret is out of the bag you're gonna deal with a emotional wreck. So what will it be? Heartbreaker? or Asskisser? Which 1 shall it be?


Friday, February 5, 2010

Fleeing Ox, Pouncing Tiger

So 2010 arrived as per usual new years, however this year is extra spicy...with all the bad luck coming swift and with no mercy. In a nutshell, being hit with chicken pox on the week where I am looking forward to working as a judge sucks. Ohh for the love of god, go f**k yourself. Ahh that felt awfully good. Man I wish I got hit with the pox earlier...when still being a kid ya' that you can't remember the pain when u grow up. Kinda look like one of MJ's zombies....with face covered with sores and feeling like touching sandpaper...

Hmm....Think that Michael as a zombie looks way better.....T.T

Well its coming toward the new year already, hopefully everyone is looking forward to it. And to me having a pox free new year. Btw, anyone looking to hire a marketer? Still a freshie. Job hunting sux....


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

While I was away....

So it's been almost 3 weeks since the last to start...

Woooo....1 assignment gone. Last one to go. The final stretch. Best part? Teamwork. Sucks? Due early october. I want to procrastinate more. Damn.

September has been a cruel month financially.Blew cash on those baneslayer angels.Worth every penny. Thanks to KV and PS for the 3rd copy. You'll get your dues soon enough >). I'm a man of my words. Zendikar prerelease this weekend would be another wallet buster. Good lord my hobby is killing me but what else can a man do? Addiction man...addiction.

So EPL and the champions league is now officially underway. With the early lost to Burnley now a distant memory, a hard fought win over besiktas and one of the best manchester derbies of all time hopefully the coming month would bring more good fortune to manchester united. Please get rid of ben foster. Enough is enough.

Funny how seasons go by throughout the year. Seems like now is a love season all over again. Friends getting hooked up, or looking to hook up. Why do we have valentine's day again? Should be all year round. Fair play is good.

Ramadan came and gone. Selamat Hari Raya to those celebrating. I miss the bazaar now though. No more kebab, roti jon and roti jala till next year. Not everyday is christmas I suppose. Speaking of christmas, I need a good cheap vacation getaway. Any suggestions?

Now it would be a fun post if there is no vids. So here's a good one hoho. Parts 2 & 3 in youtube as well. Cheers

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lost in the Black Hole of Writer's Block

I'm lost. Devoid of ideas. Since starting this, it's the 1st time I can't really find a topic to really write about. I need a theme. Several idea's start coming through but which really should i focus on?

Should I focus on my passion, which is cards? A budget column for new players/expand my ideas/provide something about the game?

Another would be to focus on scandalous topics and highlight/make fun of them. Hmmm...

Or be simply random and talk nonsense?

And I'm officially stuck on Owl City. Here's 1 hit. Those who love to spam my chatbox can give ideas as well lol.

Feedback please. Cheers

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Busy busy busy

Lack of inactivity can be traced to a weekend of magic, assignments due....some not even mine but have been forced to help...nuuuuuuuuu...

Hmmm add to the fact EPL is in full swing....bloody astro for not showing the match and damn u Burnley!

Saving grace? The weekend is upon us and more magic and EPL woooo....

I'm going mad. And good luck to the boys in Bangkok. My cards get to go for a holiday while I'm here. Sucks.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dust In the Wind

EPL season started with the Charity Shield last Sunday. Although the result was disappointing, was pleased with the way Manchester United performed except for Ben Foster and Evra when taking the spotkick.

Funny how the season starts this weekend yet there is no excitement, no anticipation..I wonder why....hopefully this lukewarm feeling goes away quick.

Anyone has bane slayer angels for sale/trade? XD

Just can't come up with an interesting topic to write. Hopefully something crops up soon.